CO2 Temp + Humid. Sensor kit


The circuit of temperature supplement is designed to be used under different ambient temperatures and is suitable for various fields requiring the measurement of temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration.  It is a prewired kit of 12V with an IO adapter and RJ12 cables. It is widely used in environmental settings and other fields that need to monitor air temperature and humidity and carbon dioxide concentration. It is a sensor integrated to the box. 

12V + RJ12


Product information:

  • Measuring parameters: temperature,humidity, CO2 
  • Unit of measure:℃,%RH,ppm 
  • Temperature measure range:-30℃~70℃ 
  • Humidity measure range:0~100%RH 
  • Co2 measure range:5000 ppm
  • The resolution of the:0.1℃,0.1%RH,1ppm 
  • Accuracy:±0.2℃,±3%RH,±20ppm 
  • Working temperature:-20℃~70℃  
  • Analog output (4-20MA) 
  • Working voltage:5~24V DC 
  • Working current:50mA@12V
  • Stable time:After electrify 3 min 
  • The response time:<1 second 

Product features:

  1. Imported temperature and humidity and non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) principle of carbon dioxide sensor, accurate and reliable. 
  2. High cost performance, wide voltage design. 
  3. Full range temperature and humidity compensation, wide measurement range, measurement range is optional.
  4. Flexible installation, easy to use. 
  5. Small size, light weight, anti - vibration.

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