AgileBio Water Leak Detector Kit


This water leak sensor, aims to detect liquid leakage as well as liquid shortage. The sensor uses relay output signal, when it is normally open and water touches the two probes, the built-in relay will be triggered; Then, the alarm system will be turned on or the equipment in house will be switched off.

The potential energy of the control circuit in this water leak detector is very low and will not cause combustible materials to catch fire, which ensures safe use. This sensor features high sensitivity, low false alarm rate, and waterproof and dustproof IP66 protection grade, which can be widely used in any industry.

Complete kit: aluminium or plastic casing option. 



  • Plug RJ12

  • Power supply 12V

  • Size: 47mm/1.85” in diameter, 30mm/1.18” in height

  • Process Medium: water

  • Output Signal: switch quantity output

  •  Response Time: 50ms

  • Operating Temperature:  -10-60


Specific References


AGB-WLK Technical Sheet

Download (370.88KB)

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