Cube Rack Scanner
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  • Cube Rack Scanner



The Ziath DataPaq™ Cube Rack Reader is a 2D datamatrix tube camera reader with a scan & decode time of 1-2 seconds on a 'normal' computer. The Cube can read all racks on the market including Cryoboxes and SBS racks; even 384 racks.

The Cube scanner is compatible with KBR/FCR/FluidX/Brooks 384 plates and most of the Thermo 384 wells plates.  


2D Scanner range:

  • Operating systems: Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista
  • Powered and controlled by USB cable, cable supplied
  • Simple installation: after an initial automatic calibration, the scanner is ready for use with any 2D barcoded tubes on the market
  • Export your data in Excel, XML, JSON or text format; scanned images can also be saved
  • Software can connect with Oracle, SQL, MySQL, Postgres, HSQL and other databases...
  • Software displays the results of the scan and identifies correctly scanned tubes (green), damaged tubes (red) and missing tubes (grey)

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