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SampleScan Mini 2D Rack Reader


Barcode readers for 96 tube rack samples

2 models: Sample Scan Mini and Sample Scan Mini 1D



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Scan your tube rack, output barcode data file within 4-6 seconds and register it into LabCollector LIMS with the Sample Batch Tools Add-on

The SampleScan Mini 1D = all the functionality of the SampleScan Mini, with an integrated 1D reader for rack barcodes.

SampleScan Mini is a “small footprint / high speed” barcode reader for 2D marked sample tubes stored in tube racks. The SampleScan Mini scans a tube rack and outputs barcode data file within 4-6 seconds. The scanner’s adjustable output file includes: 2D tube barcode, tube position, and rack ID data. The SampleScan Mini works with range of 2D microtubes and 2D cryotubes offered by variety of labware vendors.

The 2D sample tubes feature a 2D barcode marked at the bottom of the tube. The 2D barcode is square grid pattern optimized for small areas. The 2D code provides the tube with a unique ID number that facilitates sample tracking tasks. The SampleScan Mini scanner technology allows reporting the 2D code, tube location and rack ID to LabCollector LIMS.

- 1D reader for rack barcode (SampleScan Mini 1D Model)
- 2D reader for tubes
- 5 second scan speed for 96 tube rack labware
- Full rack or single tube scan options
- CSV output file for ID date (to import into LabCollector LIMS)
- Decodes all SBS formats
- Integration friendly design
- 1 touch button initiates scan and output

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